Monday, March 25, 2013

Handmade in Italy just for you

Editor's note — This is part of a continuing Pinstripes and Tweed series on custom clothing

After a good 10 years of doom and gloom — and endless chatter about the end of neckties — the tie is back.

Sales of neckwear, including the hipster’s much-beloved bowtie, have been up for a while now.
And as with shirts and suits, entrepreneurs are utilizing the internet to sell custom neckwear to discerning gentlemen everywhere.

One of the makers with a growing following is Cruna Cravette.

Unlike the department store ties that are mass-produced in a Chinese factory, each Cruna tie is strictly handmade — using only needle and thread — with the finest of Italian silks at an atelier in Italy’s historic Romagna region.

Though making ties by hand limits production, Cruna offers customers what seems like unlimited choices to ensure each tie is fully personalized, including a hand-embroidered monogram. The odds that you would run into someone else wearing a Cruna tie are practically nil.

For review purposes, Cruna provided this correspondent with a seven-fold tie in orange (84 euros or approximately $108; available here) at gratis.


After opening up the nicely packed box, it was apparent upon first sight that the tie was of exceptional quality and value.

Unfortunately, it was about four inches longer than most ties, including the Italian-made Polo Ralph Lauren ties, which are sold in the United States. While it was too long for this correspondent, Cruna does have an option on its website to specify both the length and width of its ties — something that shorter gents should use.

The bottom line: Notwithstanding the sizing snafu, Cruna makes The List for its top-notch neckties. 

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