Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Elegance without the extravagance for Easter Sunday


While many stopped regularly wearing their Sunday best to church in recent years, Easter Sunday is one of the few days when just about everyone elevates their style.

Though ushers at Saint Thomas Church in the City of New York are known to wear morning dress, a classic navy blazer is about as formal as many congregants will get these days.

Traditionally, Easter Sunday marked the time of the year when spring clothing — think seersucker, brighter colors and whimsical patterns — could be brought forward from the far reaches of one’s closest.

Adhering to this tradition is easy for those in the Old Confederacy, but for the Yankees, who live in locales where the ground is still covered by snow, it is often impractical to switch to lighter weight clothing for at least several more weeks.

Your options with only four days remaining until Easter Sunday may be limited, but there are still lots of ways to stand out sartorially when you take up your seat in the pews.

Look at it this way: At worse, the parson will be grateful he isn’t the only one dressed up. On the other hand, you may nudge fellow congregants into improving their dress, as many gents ignore their sartorial inclinations for what they perceive to be a casual consensus at church.

If you find yourself looking at the blazer hanging in your closet and struggling to decide on what to wear with it, consider the following Easter Sunday sartorial inspiration.

PHOTOS courtesy of J.C. Penney, Asos and T.M. Lewin.

Pictured from top left: Stafford Signature 100% cotton button-down collar dress shirt ($30; available here), Wembley silk knit necktie ($20; available here), ASOS suede tassel loafers ($74.81; available here) and gray flat-front trousers by T.M. Lewin (£90 or approximately $135; available here).

The best part of this look? Every item curated is easy on the wallet — an important consideration, especially if you only wear the ensemble once. 

It may not be possible to take delivery of the ASOS loafers by Sunday, unless an order is placed today for expedited delivery. Regardless, suede tassel loafers are on the shelves of many stores in the shopping mall, including Nordstrom. Additionally, gray flat-front trousers are also readily available in a range of prices, if T.M. Lewin isn't an option. 

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