Monday, March 18, 2013

A week in the sun

It's easy to over pack for a vacation, especially for a week on the white sands of Cancun.

However, resist the temptation to bring a linen jacket and slacks and instead keep your wardrobe simple. After all, the goal is to spend as much time in the sun as possible.

If you do venture off the beach and into town, a polo shirt with shorts and flip-flops or driving loafers (pictured below) is the best choice.

The outfit might not win you a sartorial award, but it's practical. More importantly, the goal should be to reduce all of your clothing to the minimum so your bag can be carried on the flight.


From left: Flip-flops from Target, Club Monaco pincord shorts, Lacoste polo shirt, Ray-Ban sunglasses and Timex watch.

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