Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in style

Toss the green sweatshirt, leprechaun ears and plastic bowler hat into the trash and upgrade your style for St. Patrick's Day.

Whether you're celebrating mass at the local parish or heading out for a pint with the lads, distinguishing yourself from the drunken hooligans should be the goal — particularly if you're a single gentleman hoping for a bit of Irish luck.

PHOTOS courtesy of Club Monaco, Magee and Sir Jack's.

Pictured from top left: Sudbury shirt from Sir Jack's ($125; available here), knit necktie from Sir Jack's ($85; available here), Magee eight-whale corduroy trousers (120 euros or $156; available here), American-made, three-roll-two sport jacket by Club Monaco ($650; available here) and Rancourt & Co. penny loafers from Club Monaco ($275; available here).

One word of warning: Don't wear a Scottish tartan or British regimental necktie to a St. Patrick's Day celebration, especially one hosted by Fenians.

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  1. Awesome Shirt fit. I bought Sudbury shirt for my son for Christmas. he looks absolutely wonderful in it. The blue is a very attractive color. The shirt is cut correctly, he is rather broad and the shirt is not to tight or to loose.