Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama got it wrong with inaugural 'tuxedo'

While President Barack Obama disappointed sartorialists everywhere with his clothing ensemble at last evening's inaugural balls, his mistakes likely went unnoticed by the vast majority of his constituents for whom black-tie is a tribal costume worn at weddings and high school proms.

Nevertheless, it was unfortunate the president didn't receive the proper advice on what to wear.

His dinner jacket — aka tuxedo — is the same Hart Schaffner Marx number he wore at his first inaugural, though it seems a tad more trim this time around. The pants may have been too long, but Obama's biggest sartorial blunder was wearing a white bowtie — a sin that was repeated from four years ago.

The purists will also point out that a proper dinner jacket doesn't have notch lapels or a two-button front, but those are discussions for another day. 

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