Thursday, January 17, 2013

Interview with F.E. Castleberry sat down with F.E. Castleberry, who is best known for his incredibly popular  Unabashedly Prep blog among other things. 

COURTESY photo. How did Unabashedly Prep come about?

F.E. Castleberry: I was at an impasse in my photography career in 2009. Inspired by another fashion blogger, I decided to create a style blog to channel my creativity until I knew what path to take. It seems a lot has changed since then … now there are heaps of blogs and message boards out there. Where do you go — or are you strictly a reader of Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook?

F.E. Castleberry: I have a handful of Tumblr accounts I subscribe to, I read Twitter sporadically and Facebook is just really only my close friends. Inspiration for me often seems to come when I'm traveling. 
What’s happening at Rugby? You have worked there for a while, but the brand’s parent company unexpectedly announced it would cease to exist.

F.E. Castleberry: Rugby is shuttering its doors February 2, 2013. As a result of that, I left Rugby at the end of November last year. What are you wearing today?

F.E. Castleberry: Prince Albert velvet slippers with horse and rider embroidered on them, RRL high-waisted jeans, sterling silver engine turned monogram buckle, leather belt, Brooks Brothers repp tie, white oxford button-down shirt, Norman Hilton 3-roll-2 wool check sport coat, vintage Omega Seamaster wristwatch with alligator strap, clear frame glasses. Your style is very much Rugby — it’s a contemporary take on the Ivy style classics that were once found everywhere, but are now relegated to a handful of shops. Where do you go? Are you an internet or brick-and-mortar sort of fellow?

F.E. Castleberry: I shop click-and-mortar shops mostly. Listen, if you don't have an ecommerce presence today, you're selling yourself short — literally. I like try things on, I always have. Gant Rugger, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and Sid Mashburn are a few places I shop. Tell us one thing people don’t know about you, please?

F.E. Castleberry:  I actually like opera. Going forward, what do you see happening with your blog?

F.E. Castleberry: There are some exciting developments in the works this year and I'd be a terrible host if I ruined the surprise.

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