Monday, November 26, 2012

Kamakura Shirts: Great shirts, affordable prices and exceptional service

Kamakura Shirts opened its first U.S. store at the beginning of this month.

Though its home is in Japan, the shirtmaker’s heritage is classic Americana.

While internet purchasing is not yet available, the shirtmaker, located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, is worth visiting if one is in New York. 


When visiting Kamakura, this correspondent was thoroughly impressed with what he observed.
The shirts and neckties were varied and the quality top-notch. Most importantly, pricing was very affordable — $79 for the much-lauded button-down shirt.

The store’s young-ish staff all appeared to be either Japanese or of Japanese extraction. Their English was fluent and precise in much the same way as young Scandinavians, whose command of the English language often surpasses that of their American counterparts.

Perhaps most impressive was the service, which easily surpassed anything this correspondent has experienced at other haberdasheries.

That isn’t to say competitors are intentionally poor in providing service. Rather, there is just something innate about Japanese business manners and customs that puts Kamakura in a league of its own.

This correspondent’s only complaint was the sizing of shirts, which were clearly cut to fit the more slender body proportions of Japanese gentlemen.

Brooks Brothers, J. Press and even J. Crew should take notice of their new competition, as Kamakura offers one of the best values for money in off-the-peg shirting and neckwear.

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