Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Look: If it's cold outside go for tweed

With a temperature of 10 degrees, today is perfect for a heavyweight Harris tweed in classic herringbone.

PHOTO by PinstripesandTweed.com.

  • Sport jacket: Laxdale tweed sport jacket from Harris Tweed Scotland.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Look: The trusty old blazer

Some days you just reach for the tried-and-true. In this case, it's the trusty old navy blazer, a made-to-measure blazer with patriotic buttons.

PHOTO by PinstripesandTweed.com.

  • Blazer: Benson & Clegg.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

You know you want this suit

Talk about an incredibly snazzy suit.

PHOTO courtesy of Hackett.

The suit is from Hackett's autumn/winter 2015 collection, which was shown during the recent London Collection menswear show.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Look: Fair Isle and tweed

PHOTO by PinstripesandTweed.com.

  • Jacket: Tweed sport jacket from MyTailor.com.
  • Sweater: Authentic (made on the Shetland Islands) Fair Isle sweater.
  • Shirt: T.M. Lewin.
  • Pocket square: Wool pocket square from The Tie Bar.

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's the thought that counts, right?

Everyone always says it is the thought that counts when receiving a gift.

Sure, that is true to a degree. After all, you should be grateful someone took the time and expense to buy something, wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree. Or at least that is what we are led to think.

However, in the almost two weeks since Christmas we here at PinstripesandTweed.com have been doing a lot of reflection.

Is it, as that old saying goes, the thought that counts? We think not.

If someone truly thought about you then they would take some effort to get something you would actually appreciate. And if it is clothing, they would try to make ensure it actually fit.

If you are anything like us then you probably received a lot of unwanted gifts this Christmas. Chances are you probably returned a few ofthem by now.

For us, it is not necessarily all of these gifts are junk.

After all, not everyone has the discernment as us sartorialists, who can tell instantly if a scarf is cashmere or some man-made blend.  

Rather, it is about giving without putting any obvious effort into ensuring the recipient actually wants, needs or even appreciates what you are about to give them.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

3 things to buy after returning unwanted Christmas gifts

If you’re like the rest of us then you received a few gifts this Christmas morning that you didn’t want or couldn’t use.

Here are three things from Lands’ End you should get after you return the unwanted junk:

PHOTOS courtesy of Lands' End.

 3. Fulton penny loafers

One can certainly buy a much more expensive pair of shoes than these penny loafers ($79.99; available here), but few other shoes come with the famous guarantee offered by Lands’ End.

2. Tartan shirt

Tartan at this time of the year often means flannel, but Lands’ End has 100% cotton Oxford shirts ($34.99; available here) in several tartans, including the classic Black Watch. Best of all? You can wear them most of the year, depending on your climate. 

1. The ultimate robe

Like sleepwear, robes seem to be forgotten about these days. Lands’ End has a stunning green and navy herringbone robe ($69.99; available here) that will look great whether you’re moping around the house or walking outside to collect the morning newspaper.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Buying Guide: The best value in shirting

The following is part of PinstripesandTweed.com's annual Christmas Buying Guide

PHOTOS by PinstripeandTweed.com.

It's difficult to buy a shirt.

Part of the reason is there's a heap of custom shirtmakers, who in as little as a week or two can make a made-to-measure shirt with the exact details that special someone wants.

That can make it difficult to settle for something off-the-rack, especially when custom — be it made-to-order, made-to-measure or bespoke — is theoretically made to fit perfectly.  

Still, it's difficult to gift custom shirting for Christmas, unless you don't mind blowing the surprise by asking for measurements.

So when it comes to giving a shirt on the big day next week, one needs to look at value. And while everyone sells off-the-peg shirts, most of the big brands are very overpriced.

The exception is Lands' End, which by far offers the best value.

Best of all, you'll get a fit that is pretty darn close to custom — some of this correspondent's best-fitting shirts are off-the-peg from Lands' End — because Wisconsin-based catalog retailer has virtually every neck-by-sleeve size imaginable in three distinct cuts: traditional, tailored and slim.

The only complaint this correspondent has with Lands' End is a limited selection of collar choices, as it would be nice to have a few proper spread collars. (Pretty much every shirt features a button-down collar.)