Monday, April 21, 2014

The Look: Focusing on the details

Wearing a silk cufflink as a boutonnière (see picture below) is akin to a secret handshake for sartorialists.

It's a detail that will surely get the attention of other discerning gentlemen — and perhaps even your parson, when worn in the pews at church on Easter Sunday.


  • Suit:
  • Shirt: T.M. Lewin.
  • Necktie: Kamakura Shirts.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How not to dress if you're fat

It's not easy being fat. The same is true for short, skinny chaps.

While much of the clothes sold at mass-market stores won't fit you, there are still plenty of choices for those on the bigger or shorter ends of the size spectrum.

Simply put: There's no excuse for dressing like this fellow spotted at a Starbucks coffeehouse.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What to wear: Lands' End has your new Easter shirt

With Easter only a few days away time is running out to put together the perfect look for the pews this Sunday.

While it is probably too late to get that new suit, you can refresh your Sunday best with a natty new shirt.


And one shirt that caught’s attention was the pink Glen plaid shirt from Lands' End ($54; available here) pictured above.

From the distance, it appears to be a light solid pink, but a closer inspection reveals the faint pattern of Glen plaid.

Styled with classic — as in you can't go wrong — button cuffs with a somewhat restrained spread collar, the shirt comes in a full range of sizes. So whether you are a 14 1/2-by-32 or a 16 1/2-by-35, the good folks at Wisconsin-based Lands' End have you covered.

How to wear it

The shirt is more than versatile when it comes time to putting together a complete look.

Think everything from a traditional blazer to an unstructured linen or cotton sport jacket with denim jeans.

Lands’ End also has the perfect necktie for this shirt: The made in Italy silk knit necktie ($59; available here). Nine different colors are offered with green (called “anchor green”) and navy (called “regiment navy”) being the natural pairings for pink Glen plaid. For something a bit bolder, go with the purple.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The ultimate party look anchored by Brooks Brothers blazer

The outfit pictured below, worn to a birthday party, is grounded in a Brooks Brothers blazer clearly inspired by the Windsor uniform — seen most recently during the state banquet at Windsor Castle honoring the visit of the Irish president.


  • Jacket: Brooks Brothers Chesterfield blazer with red velvet collar.
  • Shirt: Emmett London made-to-measure shirt.
  • Belt: Gant D-ring belt.
  • Pants: Slim-fit Club Monaco denim jeans.
  • Socks: Lands' End merino wool socks.
  • Shoes: ASOS velvet slippers.

Turns out the famous green jacket isn't so nice

Golf fans may have fawned over the green blazer awarded to the winner of the Masters yesterday, but it turns out the famed jacket isn't so nice.

Considering the fact that it's arguably one of the great symbols of sports excellence one might think the green blazer would be of the finest quality.

Well, that’s not the case.

PHOTO courtesy of Associated Press.

The often ill-fitting green blazer (see the picture above) is made from a polyester blend, according to published reports.

While the green blazers are incredibly valuable, it's safe to say the actual garment isn't costing the Augusta National Golf Club too much money.

And let's be honest: If it wasn't the green blazer few discerning gentlemen would probably be caught dead wearing it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

He's back and still shaming you with his style

Remember him?

He's still at it on Instagram, courtesy of his professional stylist mother. 

And it's alright. You can admit it. His style shames most of us.

PHOTOS courtesy of Instagram.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The best from the Brooks Brothers sale

If you don't mind buying something that probably won't be worn until autumn then now is the time to check out Brooks Brothers, as the savvy gentleman can find a number of incredible values.

Among the items found:

PHOTOS courtesy of Brooks Brothers.

Unlike many of the items this classic madras linen shirt can be worn with the warmer weather of spring and, in particular, summer ($117.60; available here).

This 100% houndstooth scarf is perfect for those in colder locales, who can wear it from October until March ($174; available here).

Admittedly, the go-to-hell pants pictured above may not suit everyone's style, but just think of the conversations that would ensue if you turned up wearing them to a cocktail party ($79.20; available here).

The corduroy jeans — perfect for campus or a Saturday at the coffeehouse — come in seven colors with most sizes available ($31.80; available here).

Tartan Week has passed, but this woven in Scotland, made in America tartan necktie is one of several marked down to a super-low price ($39.75; available here).

The sweater pictured above, as with the go-to-hell pants, may not be for everyone. Nonetheless, this is a great cotton sweater that works this spring and summer — think shorts, canvas sneakers, a well-worn Oxford shirt or polo shirt and J.F.K.-style Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses ($44.75; available here).

Friday, April 4, 2014

Beyond shoes: The Allen Edmonds sport jacket

Allen Edmonds is synonymous with American-made shoes, to say nothing of its outstanding customer service and almost legendary recrafting program that transform your shoes into like-new condition.

PHOTOS courtesy of Allen Edmonds.

The Wisconsin-based shoemaker has expanded its range beyond classic shoes to also include made in America sport jackets (see here and here) and other clothing offerings.

While sizes are, regretfully, a bit limited, Allen Edmonds clearly paid close attention to the details when designing both sport jackets.

Each jacket is half-canvassed — an exception value at this price — and feature additional details such as mother of pearl buttons, fancy lining, a colorful under-collar and side vents. All this for under $500 — $495 to be precise.

The non-functioning cuffs without faux surgeon’s cuffs stitching may disappoint some discerning gentlemen, but this makes it simple for the seamstress at the local dry cleaner to shorten the sleeves and ensure a perfect fit.